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Potting Bar FAQ

Q: Do I need to make an appointment?

A: No need; bring your plant in during regular business hours. 

Q: How long will the repotting service take? 

A:It depends! If you have a few small plants, it shouldn't take longer than about 30 min, but as we are a small business, it also depends on how busy we are on the day. Weekends can take longer. Also, if you have an extra large plant that needs more wrangling, it may take some spare time. 

Q: Can you repot my plant while I wait?

A: Sure! If you want to hang out and watch while we work our repotting magic, then be our guest! Or you can hang out on our comfy sofa in the plant room or drop off your plants for pickup later. 

Q: My plant looks sad. Can you help?

A: Yes, we can generally advise you on what may be making your plant sad and help devise a plan to perk up your plant. To protect our shop stock from pests, we may look at your plant outside the shop before you bring it in, or even better yet, send us a picture via our Instagram, chat feature, or email before bringing it to the shop. 

Q: I want to use your self-service repotting, but I'm unsure how to repot my plant. 

A:The self-service is geared towards those that feel more confident repotting plants themselves but just don't want to deal with the mess and potting mix storage at home. That said, we can certainly help you get to the point where you do feel confident! We often suggest having us walk you through the steps with our repotting service first, until you feel confident enough to pot it up yourself. We will always be happy to suggest which of our mixes works best for your plant.

Q: Do I need to bring my own pot?

A: We have a decent selection of used nursery pots under 20cm available in-store, and our repotting service operates on a loose 'take-a-pot leave-a-pot system'. If we have a 'used' pot on hand that fits, it's on the house. For plants that need a nursery pot over 20cm, or you want a shiny new one, we have a selection available to purchase below. If you have a pot you want to use, then, of course, bring it in! 

The potting bar also offers

Our custom potting mixes in ready-made 3lt bags for £5.99 ea, or by the scoop at £2 per litre. 

Potting mix components by the scoop, most are priced at £2 per litre scoop.

Shropshire Seaweed fertilizer refill station. 

Organic pest control 

Nursery pots