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Quartz Points, 2-3cm, Single

Quartz Points, 2-3cm, Single

Elevate your decor effortlessly with our Electroplated Quartz Points, each measuring 2-3cm. These single crystals exude a captivating natural elegance, accentuating any space they grace. The electroplating process lends them a dazzling metallic finish, fusing nature's beauty with contemporary design. These versatile accents radiate positive energy, amplifying spiritual clarity while infusing tranquillity and balance into your environment. Add a touch of enchantment and serenity to your life with these exquisite crystals.

UNIQUE BEAUTY - Each quartz showcases its natural patterns and hues, making them not only elegant but also one-of-a-kind decorative accents.

ETHEREAL SHIMMER - The electroplated coating imparts an enchanting shimmer, casting gentle, ethereal glimmers that illuminate any space.

HARMONIZING AURA - Believed to bring harmony and balance to your surroundings, fostering an atmosphere of peace and positivity.

Online plant orders: You will receive a similar plant to the one photographed and not necessarily the same. If you would like a photo of the exact plant we are sending just drop us a line! Pots and plants are sold separately unless otherwise specified in the listing.

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All live plants will be shipped via Royal Mail tracked 24hrs to ensure they arrive happy and healthy. Orders are shipped on Monday-Thursday. Check out our shipping FAQ or contact us for questions.