Leave the dirty work to us!

We will re-pot your houseplant in one of our custom-made soil mixes and size up, down, or leave the pot size the same, depending on your plant's needs. 


Does your plant need some support? We can add it to a moss pole! Want to fancy it up a bit? We have some very cool top dressing options. We can add on either or both of these items for a small fee.

  • Do I need to make an appointment?

    No appointment is necessary, however if you are interested in our repotting call out service please contact us at hello@plant.studio

  • Is the nursery pot included?

    For sizes xs-large it is! For sizes XL-Mega we have large nursery pots, or even terracotta available for purchase, or feel free to bring in your own pot.

  • How long will it take?

    Generally we can repot while you wait, but for larger plants, multiple plants, or during peak busy shopping times we may ask you to come back in an hour or two.

  • My plant is sad, will repotting help?

    If your plant has been in the same pot for a long time, and/or is in a bad soil mix, and is looking a little root bound then yes! But often there are other reasons your plant may be sad. Most often the case is apest problem or poor conditions. We are always happy to advise on how to remedy this, but won't accept plants with pest issues in the shop for repotting.

  • What is included with the repotting service?

    We will do a plant health check, and pot your plant into an appropriately sized nursery pot, pot your bring in, or we have a great selection of plant pots with adequate drainage for sale.

    We can add on a moss pole, plant support, or decorative plant toppings for an additional charge based off the cost of the individual items.

  • Can I repot the plant myself using your soil mixes?

    Due to space issues we no longer offer self repotting in store. We do sell all of our potting mixes and components either per 1 litre scoop, in 3l and 10l bags.

    Stay tuned for some repotting workshops where you will have the opportunity to get your hands dirty, or if you are interested in booking a private re-potting party just get in touch!