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Jatropha Podagrica - Buddha Belly

Jatropha Podagrica - Buddha Belly

This rare and unusual plant is a lovely addition to any plant enthusiast's collection! 

Plant Care 

Light: Bright indirect light; ideally, this plant should have a little morning or evening sun, so an east or west window is ideal.

Watering: Let this plant dry out about 1/3 of the way down between waterings, as overwatering will kill it quickly. Cut way back during winter months. 

Temperature: 18C-24C is the ideal range for this plant

Potting: Our Sandy loam mix is a good choice for this plant. You should keep it snug in its pot and plant the bulb or caudex no more than halfway down into the soil.

Hot tips: This plant will go dormant Dec-April. You will know dormancy is beginning as it may drop its leaves (or it may keep them, in which case leave them). During the winter months/dormancy, keep your plant above 15c and water very sparingling. Dormancy is important as it means this plant can bloom the following year

Pet Friendly: NO

Online plant orders: You will receive a similar plant to the one photographed and not necessarily the same. If you would like a photo of the exact plant we are sending just drop us a line! Pots and plants are sold separately unless otherwise specified in the listing.

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