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Premium Organic Liquid Seaweed 100mL in amber glass bottle

Premium Organic Liquid Seaweed 100mL in amber glass bottle

Seaweeds are some of the quickest growing plants on the planet with some species expanding by several feet in length every day. This growth is driven by the presence of hormones called auxins and cytokinins. Luckily for the gardener or horticulturalist, these active elements can be harnessed for use on practically any plant by using distilled seaweed fertilizer.

Regular application of seaweed fertilizer encourages growth in plants, grass, trees, fruits and vegetables. On top of this, seaweed contains some of the widest variety of macro and micro nutrients in the world which it draws in from its marine environment. These help to provide plants with a range and variety of the nutrients they need to thrive.

Besides the growth stimulants and wide range of nutrients, seaweed has also been shown to have an impact of the health and composition of root zones and boost chlorophyll levels in plants.

Mix The Shropshire Seaweed Company Organic Fertilizer with water at the rates given below. Please note that 0.1% is equivalent to 1ml of seaweed in 1l of water. Use as a foliar spray or a root drench, whichever suits the job best. And remember, little and often is the way with seaweed.

Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Use within two years of opening for best results.


Plant Rate Frequency
Vegetables, herbs, chillies, tomatoes, potatoes 0.2 %  Every 10-14 days
Flowers 0.3 % Every 5-7 days
Trees 0.4 % Every 7-10 days
Hedges and Shrubs 0.3 % Every 7 days
Hard and Soft Fruits 0.25 % Every 7 days
Houseplants 0.2 % Every 5-7 days
1ml per square metre,
or 2ml per square for amenity or recovery
0.5 % Every 28 days
  • Pure Ascophyllum nodosum from the North Atlantic coast
  • Unbeatable for vegetables and fruits. And lawns. Oh, and houseplants
  • Grow bigger, greener, higher, fatter. Show up your neighbours
  • Certified organic by OFG. Vegan-friendly. No nasties
  • Created in rural Shropshire. In a barn. One hundred miles from the sea

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