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Humata Tyermannii - Rabbit foot fern

Humata Tyermannii - Rabbit foot fern

This fantastic fern is one of the more easygoing cultivators. One of its more unique features is that it grows furry silver rhizomes that cascade over the sides. 

Plant Care 

Light: Bright indirect light to low light is best for this fuzzy fern. Avoid direct sun as it can burn its fronds. 

Watering: This plant prefers to stay moist but is one of the more tolerant species that won't completely lose the plot if you forget to water it for a day. 

Temperature: 18-24°C is ideal. Be sure not to let it go below 10°C and avoid cold drafts. 

Potting: A well-draining moisture retaining mix is ideal. Our Thirst Trap mix fits the bill.

Hot tips: This plant is perfect as a hangar!

Pet Friendly: Yes

Online plant orders: You will receive a similar plant to the one photographed and not necessarily the same. Pots and plants are sold separately unless otherwise specified in the listing.

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