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Licuala Grandis

Licuala Grandis

A showstopper of a plant! Bring tropical vibes to any space with this lovely statement plant. 

Plant Care 

Light: Bright indirect light, too much sun, and you risk scorching the leaves. 

Watering: This plant likes to be moist; your best bet is a little water every day or every other day to keep it happy. Scale back your watering in the winter months. Be careful not to overwater, as this plant will not tolerate sitting in water or being oversaturated. 

Temperature: 21-31°C These plants prefer things on the warmer side, so they are not a good choice for a cold conservatory. Try not to let things dip below 17°C as this plant does not like to be chilly. 

Potting: A lightweight and well-draining mix is ideal, and our Thirst Trap is an excellent choice for this plant. 

Hot tips: Provide humidity by grouping it with friends, adding a pebble tray or misting for optimum plant happiness. These are slow-growing plants so don't expect any massive growth spurts.

Pet Friendly: YES

Online plant orders: You will receive a similar plant to the one photographed and not necessarily the same. Pots and plants are sold separately unless otherwise specified in the listing.

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