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Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma- Monstera minima

Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma- Monstera minima

A cousin to the all-time favourite, the Monstera Deliciosa or Swiss Cheese plant, this lovely trailer will wow you with its unique foliage.

Plant Care 

Light: Bright indirect light, too much sun, and you risk scorching the leaves; not enough and your plant will grow slower and leggy in search of more light. 

Watering: Give your plant a good soak when the soil starts to dry out. Reduce your watering routine in winter as it won't need as much due to shorter days. 

Temperature: 12-30°C is ideal, but it will tolerate down to 10 °C before it gives up. 

Potting: These plants like to be a bit root-bound, so don't increase your pot size too quickly! For the perfect soil, try our Airy Ariod mix.

Hot tips: You can train this plant to climb, or it is lovely in a hanging basket. 

Pet Friendly: NOPE

Online plant orders: You will receive a similar plant to the one photographed and not necessarily the same. If you would like a photo of the exact plant we are sending just drop us a line! Pots and plants are sold separately unless otherwise specified in the listing.

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